Shakespeare Republic: #AllTheWebsAStage Behind The Scenes – “Sweet Adversity”

We’re starting to release our Behind-The-Scenes videos, entitled “The Backstage Diaries”, starting with this quick 6 minutes of highlights from the 200+ hours of rehearsing and filming the new season of Shakespeare Republic – #AllTheWebsAStage (The Lockdown Chronicles), showing how we dealt with the technical aspects and challenges of never being in the same room together, and in some cases, the same country!

Featuring: Maya Cohen, Jessica Martin, Don Bridges, Christopher Kirby, Caris Vujcec, Leo Atkin, Mark Dickinson, Danielle Farrow, Jodi Haigh, Justin Hosking, Mark McMinn, Phoebe Anne Taylor, Yolanda Ovide, Philip Hayden, Emma Kniebe & Sally McLean
“The Backstage Diaries” Associate Producers: Robina Bamforth & Amy Miller
Director/Producer: Sally McLean
Co-Producers: Billy Smedley, Christopher Kirby & Phoebe Anne Taylor

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